Saturday, February 10, 2007

Blast from the past!!

Me, Valerie, Bill Bold of the Dirty Hands, Dylan,

at Bradwell, 1986

Tatton Park 2002 - L to R, Dylan, Bill, Valerie, Chil, Richard.

Fashion Victim Dylan, 1975

Valerie and Mum, 1967


oldbould said...

Posted my first comment for the wrong pic! So hope this will be better. That Dylan always knew how to stay one step ahead of the London and New York boardwalks. I think he's still just ahead even now.

dylan said...

I'm quite worried about whichever parent it was who bought this outfit. They clearly didn't go to specsavers.

oldbould said...

I can't remember who sanctioned this stunning creation, but it was way back in the days when winters were winters and weather-proof coats had a tendency to fly off the wearer's shoulders without notice, leaving him cruelly exposed to harsh elements! Hence the copious strapping; it was to keep the coat on, despite whatever else you may have thought!

bb said...

...the 'chubby-kaiser-dylan' look is a winner.