Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green bin racoon

It's not just me that's getting confused by Ottawa's refuse system.

Monday, June 28, 2010


We've been in Ottawa for one week now and the girls have recovered well from their trip. We have been given a very warm welcome by our friend Yvonne who has kindly offered to house us for the rest of this month and for July in her beautiful home in leafy Glebe. It's a much shower pace of life than Toronto and we have been adjusting to all the other differences of the nation's capital. In particular, the Ottawa recycling and refuse system is pretty complex. Ultimately I put out the neighbours trash by mistake after quite a lot of poking around to check everything had gone in the right bins. Apparently the neighbour thought I was one of the homeless people who searches the bins for the bottle deposits, which doesn't say much for how well I was looking with the jet lag.

We have already experienced very hot days, a heavy rain storm and a 5.5 earthquake which slightly curtailed Chil's shopping for suddenly needed summer clothes. Most of our time has been taken up with trying to find a place to live although we've found time to keep up with the World Cup and to explore this part of Ottawa. We haven't found a place yet but are starting to get a feel for the city. Next week Wednesday is Canada day, a national holiday, and I start work the Monday after.

A performance on the Trinidadian national instrument, the bottle and spoon, at the Ottawa Jazz Festival, by the excellent Drew Gonsalves and the Mash Potato Mashers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Before You Leave . . .

It was really great to see Dylan and the girls in Norfolk last week. The girls were remarkably well behaved and Dylan wasn't too bad either; he seems to be getting the hang of almost single-handedly looking after Namwezi and Wamaka. Respect!

I thought I ought to post a few shots from their couple of days here. We went for lunch to the Wiveton Hall Cafe (Big House near the coast at Blakeney, small, informal bistro-type cafe and lots of acres of strawberries in tunnels and in the open air, plus asparagus and soft fruit bushes) and we witnessed exactly how much The Twins like strawberries . . . lots!

Hope you like these few pictures. We take this opportunity of wishing Chil, Dylan and The Twins a smooth and trouble-free flight to Ottawa and trust that all your planning will make the next few weeks easier for you all.

Leaving for Ottawa

We haven't had much time to post or upload pictures recently so here are a few from our last month or so in England. We'll arrive in Ottawa on Sunday afternoon and are staying with a friend for the first month. We'll be sure to update you when we have a proper address but in the mean time email is probably the best way to get hold of us. We'll keep you posted!