Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nova Scotia

We've been exploring atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia borrows a lot from the old scotland, even their flag is reminiscent, although with the colours reversed. As we found, they definately have Scottish weather: the whole 'four seasons in one day', with lots of fog, high winds, rain and occasionally sunshine.

It feels strange to go on holiday from somewhere with a great summer to all that British style weather. Nova Scotians are a different breed to Torontonians. There's a different accent that even sounds a little British, with hints of a celtic lilt. The pace of life is much slower.

They are blessed with the second biggest natural harbour in the world (after Sydney) and the second busiest on the eastern seaboard of the continent (after New York). We went on a boat trip to look for Minke whales but only managed porpoises... or is that a wave... or is it that one over there...? Apparently there's more to see in Quebec so we might have more luck in September with Mum.

We are now realizing the true magnitude of Canada's geography. When we looked at Nova Scotia on the map it seemed like a very small part of Canada. We'd planned to start in Halifax and drive up to the highlands of Cape Breton in the North.

Although the province is only 300 by 100 miles we ended up having a much lazier time, went south to Lunenburg and across to Wolfville on the other coast. I think we needed the rest, it gives us an excuse to go back and have been told that the weather is even more dismal in the North!

Chil loved NS for the lobster, we both loved it for the rocky beaches and the incredibly well preserved fishing villages. Nova Scotians are ridiculously polite. This is on top of the already high level of politeness amongst other Canadians. If you jaywalk, or even stand by the side of the road looking like you might want to cross, cars will stop in both directions and the drivers will smile cheerily and wave you across.
Chil's been learning the secrets of brewing at the Keith's brewery...

We've now got Nizreen with us for a couple of weeks and we're off to New Orleans on Monday for 5 days. I hope you're all enjoying Euro 2008 as much as I am, I can't say I'm missing watching England self destruct again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer softball

We've been seeing the inside and outside of more private buildings in 'Doors Open Toronto'.

This is actually the inside of a 1930's Deco banking building. Chil and her friend Barbara have been trying to get into the vaults...

One if the guys I played hockey with over the winter introduced us to a new sport for the better weather. This is Chil at the plate... while not exactly a big hitter she was a pretty athletic fielder! Chil liked it enough that she's bought a mitt, we'll keep you posted for home runs.

Fantastic news that Mum and Dad have had the bore hole cleaned and now have fresh water again! I hope all is well in Lusaka.