Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer softball

We've been seeing the inside and outside of more private buildings in 'Doors Open Toronto'.

This is actually the inside of a 1930's Deco banking building. Chil and her friend Barbara have been trying to get into the vaults...

One if the guys I played hockey with over the winter introduced us to a new sport for the better weather. This is Chil at the plate... while not exactly a big hitter she was a pretty athletic fielder! Chil liked it enough that she's bought a mitt, we'll keep you posted for home runs.

Fantastic news that Mum and Dad have had the bore hole cleaned and now have fresh water again! I hope all is well in Lusaka.



oldbould said...

So glad to hear that water supplies have been restored to the Farm! Your holiday in Nova Scotia looks to have been very interesting.

Much love to everybody.

bb said...

that art deco banks looks like it rocks.

bb said...
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