Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doors Open Toronto

I passed my exam! I'm still only 3/4 of the way through the degree but very glad that I don't have to do the exam again.

We've been BBQ'ing this weekend and are now off to Doors Open Toronto.

It's lovely and warm here in Toronto and we're looking forward to the summer, which really starts for us June 13th when my classes finish for the summer and we are going off to Halifax in Nova Scotia, the Atlantic region of whale watching and lobster suppers for Chil. Chil's friend Niz is coming to stay after that. My start date at SickKids has been delayed to August, which will give us another summer month of the quiet rota I have at St Michael's hospital. I think it will be a bit of a shock to the system getting back to busy on-calls when at SickKids, but the first month will be broken up by Mum's visit in August. Quebec city is 400 this year, so we might all drive there then.

This is our local park, Berczy Park, as seen from Toronto's flatiron building. It's older but smaller and less well known than New York's flatiron, but a great local landmark and this weekend all kinds of private buildings open their doors to curious Torontonians.

The tall building in the back is our condo block, also a flatiron building. Our flat is now obscured by the new building being constructed but is just behind the top right hand corner of that building. The main road there, Front Street is one of our favourite places and the main street in our St Lawrence Market area. It's generally very low-rise for downtown Toronto with a bit of cafe culture breaking out now the warm weather is coming. The green in the corner is Berczy park again.


oldbould said...

Congratulations on your exam success! And thanks also for your encouraging comments regarding Audrey's studio. Enjoy your summer hols in Halifax.

bb said...

yes good stuff dude.