Saturday, May 24, 2008

Audrey's Garden Studio

We are both very proud of our latest purchase! In March we decided that it was time Audrey had somewhere to call her own; somewhere where she could paint and draw and frame pictures to her heart's content. So she designed a studio and we then went to a local company that makes wooden buildings, and showed them our list of design specifications. To our surprise they weren't in the least fazed. So it was delivered in late April in several pieces and four men spent a day putting it up. Over the course of the next couple of weeks they beavered away and eventually it was completed just in time for Audrey to take part in "Norfolk Open Studios 08"- this is a Norfolk-wide celebration of local artists and it's the first time that Auds has taken part.

Leading up to the first open weekend (last weekend) Audrey was really as nervous as I have ever seen her; not just nervous but really racked by a terrible tense headache. Anyway, she needn't have worried because she sold two paintings that weekend! This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend for us, so we're hoping that we'll get plenty more people coming for a look - weather permitting, of course.

Here are two more pictures, showing the garden and how it looks overall.


back on the farm said...

Wow, it look's fantastic. Chil say's it's "absolutely gorgeous", "very smart" and "understated" and I agree with her.

Congratulations on selling some pictures. I think the cards are a very clever idea too.


bb said...

yes, that looks great...i think i want one ;)