Friday, June 22, 2007

A visit to Hindolveston

Although I'm writing from Toronto I don't have any Canadian pictures yet, so I'll put up these pictures of Dad and Audrey's allotment in Norfolk.

A fine shot of Dad's new beard!
...and the garlic crop

This is not how the maize is grown in Zambia! I think Chil was quite bemused by the short height and the jacket to keep the weeds down but there isn't quite the same climate in Hindolveston as in Lusaka.

Globe artichokes.

Toronto is great so far. There's the usual confusion with alternative versions of English, when I asked about mobile phones no-one had any idea what I was talking about as they call it 'wireless' and I presumed that was internet. I'm working my way through the various beaurocratic processes necessary to live and work here and looking for a condo. The anaesthesia (anaesthesiology) department are very friendly and helpful, it's beautiful weather and easy to get around so none of it is too much of a problem.

Pictures to follow...

Saturday, June 16, 2007


For a way of keeping up with new posts on this blog or any other website with an RSS fees, may I recommend Bloglines:

you can download a notifier that sits on the desktop or in the corner of Internet Explorer or Firefox that lets you know if there have been any new posts.

Collier's Wood

Thanks to PK Jnr for our temporary residence in Collier's wood!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Welcome BBQ for baby Elsa, Joel and Sophia

We notice that there's been very little activity on the Blog from the Mainsah's, then again, we're still waiting for them to turn up to their own BBQ for baby Elsa, Joel and Sophia from Sweden! It didn't stop us having a great party though, so here's our favourite pictures...

'Zanga's not getting any less cute, or eccentric, wearing his Spiderman PJ's at 17:00 hours. Those slippers flash lights when feet are stamped. Shades courtesy of Prada.

The future of African football has spurned chances of allegience with England or Zambia...

'Tashe is ever more sophisticated and civilised

The proud father putting the world to rights with PLK Jnr and friends Mark and Katherine.

Eva's brotherJoel, the new daddy with baby Elsa.

Joel taken out by the Mainsah clan. Brutal.

Poorly represented in the photos (sorry!) but just behind Joel's head is yummy mummy Sophia.

Thanks to all involved for a lovely day in the sun. We're off to Norfolk tomorrow for more of the same? Possibly less Spiderman impersonators! Watch this space for details and then shots from Toronto after I arrive on the 19th.