Friday, June 18, 2010

Before You Leave . . .

It was really great to see Dylan and the girls in Norfolk last week. The girls were remarkably well behaved and Dylan wasn't too bad either; he seems to be getting the hang of almost single-handedly looking after Namwezi and Wamaka. Respect!

I thought I ought to post a few shots from their couple of days here. We went for lunch to the Wiveton Hall Cafe (Big House near the coast at Blakeney, small, informal bistro-type cafe and lots of acres of strawberries in tunnels and in the open air, plus asparagus and soft fruit bushes) and we witnessed exactly how much The Twins like strawberries . . . lots!

Hope you like these few pictures. We take this opportunity of wishing Chil, Dylan and The Twins a smooth and trouble-free flight to Ottawa and trust that all your planning will make the next few weeks easier for you all.

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