Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guess where?


Of course, it's Vegas! I wasn't quite sure if it was a theme park or a city!

The Star Trek museum was definately the highlight, they even have a bar where you can be served a Warp Core Breach (pink cocktail in a huge bowl with dry ice in it) by a Klingon! There should have been a picture of myself with a Borg but Nick (above, left) has returned to the UK with his memory stick.

I'm now back in T.O. where it is actually a balmy 1 centigrade today without any significant wind chil. The Canadians keep looking selfconcious and promising it will get really cold in February then wander off muttering about global warming.



bb said...

Would you go back dude?

dylan said...

I'd go back for a weekend to show Chil the Star Trek museum as she's a bit of a Trekkie, but I think I'd be more interested in other places fairly nearby like the Grand Canyon and Death Valley

bb said...

Area 51 isn't such a long way away neither ;)