Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mum's visit to Toronto

These are some pictures of Mum's visit from a while ago because I misplaced some data when my Windows machine died.

This is our 'flatiron' building: 25 The Esplanade.

It was the first day of Summer on a week Sunday. It seems like the winter was a very long time ago now that it's very hot and sunny most days. In fact the current crisis is that all city workers in Toronto have gone on strike so there's been no rubbish collection for days: public bins are sealed with plastic wrapping and a sign saying "no littering". Some cold weather would actually be useful with all the rubbish buiding up! The Liquor Control Board of Ontario threatened a strike last week, which would have made the entire province practically dry as even restaurants and pubs buy alcohol from the LCBO. There was city wide panic buying on Friday, with hours of queueing for half empty shelves, but fortunately this disaster was averted at the last minute.

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billbold said...

nice pictures dude - i enjoyed the video of wamaka and namwezi that you post earlier this month too...the joys of applehood eh?