Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Maybe too early for those driving lessons Uncle Luke? Good work on the blog though, I like the new colour.

Lunch with Uncle Joe at Alliance Francais.

I'd never seen anything like this before: a rainbow around the sun. This picture doesn't quite do it justice but still looks pretty awesome. It lasted for hours.

Little Ella clearly hasn't worked out she's meant to be sleeping.

Socializing with the Njelesani's at Rhapsody's in the Arcades.

Having lunch with Uncle Dom at the Buzz cafe, part of a new development called Crossroads just 10 minutes from the farm.
Meeting Triza at the new Protea Hotel in the Arcades, the same group of hotels that has the Lodge outside Lusaka where we got married.

Uncle Lloyd and Auntie Mary meet the twins for the first time.

Ba Shikulu Mpundu

A beautiful sunset on the farm.

Happy Christmas everyone!

We thought we'd finally better get round to uploading some photos of our recent trip to Zambia. We'll put some more festive pictures up later.

I hope you all have a great Christmas,


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