Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tis me!

Hi familie Bould, Theis my first essay into the land of Blog and I've got everything crossed on the hope that I've managed to retain what you imparted to me yesterday; I got the feeling Dylan, that it was hard going for you to get the messages across and I can only say thankyou for your patience.

Sad to say Nanna is not feeling very well today and has taken to her bed. She has these set backs from time to time and feels very nausiated (that aint spelt right) but bless her she struggled to prepare our dinner and was able to eat after which she went up to bed. I'm no good at cooking but wanted to do what I could to help but Nanna does'nt give in easily. She is now having a cup tea which I managed to bring up for her and sends her love.

We were thrilled to see you all yesterday and you've got to believe me when I say that we think you are both doing a wonderful job with those two lovelyand sturdy little girls. Summat is saying I o nly have a minute or more remaing. Good bye andlots of love Nana & Nandad

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billbold said...

I hope Nanna is feeling better now? Please send her our love, bill and claudia.