Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dank, dismal November weather

Now that November is well under way, it is clear that our prolonged Indian summer is over. Only the dripping, leafless trees of winter to endure before we get to Christmas. We did get a piece of good news for our village recently, though: a couple of months ago we applied for £500 to create a small orchard behind our Village Hall and a few days ago we heard that we had been successful! So now it's all hands to the spades to prepare the site for the arrival of the trees next month. Here is a picture of our Village Hall and one of the field where the apple trees are going to be in a few weeks time.

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dylan said...

Wow, congratulations on the bursary, that is really excellent news, it's great for Hindolveston. I look forward to seeing that orchard grow.

It's still clear and bright here, although pretty fresh outside. You could almost believe that talk of a brutal Canadian winter was invented but I suspect it will be with us soon enough.

What kind of apples will you grow? I hope there's room for some Cox's Orange Pippins!