Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter arrives in Norfolk

Warm greetings to you
all, wherever you may
be in the world. I hope
these shots will give an idea
of our weather just now.
Over the last 24 hours we
have had about six inches
of snow, but of course it
is much deeper in places.
We don't often get much snow
before Christmas, so this is unusual.
It will probably only last a day or two.

Here is our village sign;
it stands just outside our
house, which is behind me.

This is our garden pond and picnic
This is what I call rubbishy

A view of one of our
neighbours' allotments.
No ploughing today.

Hopefully we'll be able
to keep toasty warm
with these well seasoned


bb said...

can i trade you for some snow? our dusting of snow had completely melted within an hour or so - i'm sure you don't need all of those six inches?

dylan said...

We don't have any snow here in Canada! Bright and fairly mild this morning... we'll beeat you for snow by February though

oldbould said...

Well, it's Monday evening here now and 99% of the snow has simply melted away. I find it hard to comprehend the fickleness of it, especially when dylan implies that Toronto snow is made of much sterner material. But there it is; or isn't, in this case. As with so much else nowadays, not even snow is what it used to be!

dylan said...

"rubbishy weather"...
dear oh dear!