Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ultrasound pictures of the twins

These are our latest pictures of the twins, in case you don't know, expected to be identical girls. They are probably all pictures of twin A as twin B is so active it's hard to get a clear picture: despite being identical they certainly seem to have different personalities already. Chil is 30 weeks tomorrow which means a maximum of 7 weeks left before they arrive. We are busy looking for an all terrain pram with snow wheels and a storm shield to enable mobility in the Toronto winter and getting things together to turn out solarium into a nursery. We're also anxiously waiting on information as to who's going to come and visit us, especially on visa information from Zambia!

Pictures of Chil and bump to follow.

Congratulations to Mwamba on her appointment to the Melbourne office and on Evaristus on his promotion in the New York branch of IBM.


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bb said...

nice pictures dylan.