Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There's No Business Like Snow Business

woo hoo!
we have snow.

for those of you like me that still get excited by this kind of thing, this i reckon is the place for snowy pictures...i've not yet developed the bunch of films i shot yesterday but when i do they'll make it on here i promise.

ok, i finally developed some of my films and here are a few of the snowy shots...


dylan said...

Great photography as always BB, what are you using for a dark room?

You should try Toronto in the winter if you want to get that snowy excitement all through the winter.

dylan said...

...and for someone who gets even more excited by the snow than you BB, check out:


bb said...

you don't need a darkroom dude - just a changing bag to wind film onto a reel and put it into a developing cylinder :)

bb said...

that isn't a stoat by the way that was me on monday ;)