Friday, January 2, 2009

Boxing Day

I thought I'd post this excellent portrait from Boxing day, stolen from Stephen's collection of photography, which you can find by using the Photography by Long Strattonian link on the right.



SteveB said...

Woh! Dylan, you are so quick - I was about to send you the boxing day photo, but you have done it by other means. Very clever!

Thanks for the new invitation (again). Sorry about previous failed attempts - due to computer going belly up. Never mind, we are here now!
Happy new year to you both!
How many degrees below is it today in Toronto?

dylan said...

Happy New year indeed!

We're actually having a remarkably mild spell and I really enjoyed the walk home from work this morning. It's only about -5c (but -12 with windchill) and the ice between the panes of double glazing has actually melted.

As Billy Connolly said, "there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing"

Chil says Billy obviously never came to Canada though! It's really much colder on the prairies and in Seskatchewan, the next province along, it's been -35 without windchill and apparently the tears in your eyes freeze when you go outside!