Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Returning home with Namwezi and Wamaka

Thanks for all the phone calls, messages of congratulations, flowers, gifts and ululations.

We were really well looked after at St Mike's. All the staff were awesome and we were lucky enough to get a (normally 2 patient) post-partum room to ourselves. I don't know how we would have managed otherwise as our stuff and the twins seemed to take up the whole room.

It's been great to be home though. Namwezi and Wamaka had their first check up at the doctors today and they are doing really well. They are back to their birth weight already and seem to have lost the jaundice that they were monitoring while they were in hospital.

this is Namwezi Ella (above)...

...and Wamaka Mia (above and below).

There has been a little controversy as to whether the girls are identical...

...what do you think?

Love, Dylan and Chil

P.S. Pete found this great link:


bb said...

i think one of them's getting a sneaky sock on the jaw in that last picture.

bb said...

...that or contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

dylan said...

I'm sure it's innocent... they don't seem to really notice each other yet. One of our neighbours has twins and she said if she put them in the same cot they would sometimes suck each others hands instead of their own and neither seemed to really notice the difference.

Plenty of argy-bargy to come in the future though I'm sure!

Don't they look tiny against Chil's hand in that photo?