Saturday, January 24, 2009

Namwezi and Wamaka


Namwezi Ella Bould, born 2.7kg at 00:13, 22nd January by Cesarean section and her sister Wamaka Mia Bould, born 2.4kg one minute later.

Namwezi means 'princess' and is a Mambwe name in honour of her Zambian grandmother (arriving in Toronto tomorrow), Wamaka is Bemba meaning 'God is great' in honour of her Zambian grandfather.

Our thoughts are with their great grandparents, we really hope that Nandad's knee surgery went well.

Love Dylan and Chil

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oldbould said...

Ohh! They are just so beautiful. But I might be biased, of course. Congratulations all over again to the pair of you.