Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Mainsah/Che Christmas

Did everyone have a quiet Christmas? ...not everybody! Here are some photos of what the Mainsah/Che clan got up to over the holidays. If you want to see more then follow the 'More photography by Joel' link on the right.

For those of you that don't recognize her, this is Ese, Winnie and Victor's Daughter who is now 3 years of age-ish (not 100% sure of the dates here). Ese didn't recognize me in the summer, when I said "hi, Ese", she answered "how do you know my name?" in a very suspicous manner!

Kintashe, Sunjo and 'Zanga striking poses. Sunjo may look confused about your pose Zangi but we think you look cool.

Uncle Evaristus with Elsa, now about 2, last time you saw her on the blog she was just 6 months. She keeps getting prettier every day, just like Uncle Eva!

Left to right: Joel, Sophia, Joe, newborn baby Yana, Winnie, Eseosa, Kintashe, Monique, Evaristus, Kuzanga, Judith and Michael.

Chil promised that she'd grow an afro this big but got fed up with it and cut it! What do they put in the water in Budapest, Judith? Awesome!

The present-frenzy...

Some of little Elsa, obviously the star of the show, and below with her daddy Joel.

Nice boots 'Tashe, bet they keep you warm!

Looks like it was a great Christmas, wish we could have been there,

Dylan and Chil

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